Enneagram Prison Project's Training Program

Enneagram Prison Project's Training Program

THP is honored to be the home of EPP’s public courses, 9PrisonsONEKey (9P1K) and Path to Freedom (PtF). 

EPP and THP share the compassionate approach to the Enneagram that was learned inside prison and continues to be experienced in how we do the work together, on both sides of the bars. We also share a set of practices and values that connect us and ground us in a shared way of being in our inner work and collective healing. 

Through a partnership with EPP, people around the globe can learn from EPP Guides and Ambassadors, who are also THP trained practitioners, the very same curriculum that is taught on the inside of prisons and jails. 

9P1K and PtF provide the foundation for those who wish to apply to EPP’s Guide Training Program. 


9PrisonsONEKey (9P1K) is EPP’s comprehensive, foundational approach to the Enneagram, which is offered virtually to participants around the globe. Facilitated exclusively by EPP Guides, 9P1K helps illuminate how we all suffer our personalities in prisons of our own making, with the choice to discover and accept the key to our own path to freedom. 

Path to Freedom

Note: Completion of the 9PrisonsONEKey (9P1K) program is a prerequisite for enrollment in Path to Freedom (PtF).

Path to Freedom is a four-part course. We deepen our understanding of the Enneagram system and all nine types. In Part One, Navigating Our Territory, we take a big picture look at personality, explore the Universal Laws of 1, 3, and 7, identify the three centers of intelligence, introduce Object Relations Theory, and examine the triadic groups in which various types look alike or respond similarly.