THP For Individual Work

Who Are We?

The Human Potentialists (THP) is a benefit corporation guiding people to their highest potential by connecting them to the core of our shared humanity. We are an intentional collective of Enneagram practitioners offering self-awareness programs in service of all people - everywhere.

A Benefit Corp is a traditional for-profit corporation dedicated to higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency, whose aim is committed to creating public benefit and sustainable value in addition to generating profit.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a psychological system that provides a definitive roadmap for understanding why people do the things we do. It provides an objective-but-revealing look into our cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns, and describes nine distinctly different lenses through which people look at, and interact with, the world.

The Enneagram is an incisive tool for facilitating groups of people who strive towards the same goals, but who may not intuitively know how to work together most efficiently. We find it harder to work with others when we don’t fully understand the inner workings of ourselves. Ultimately, the Enneagram supports people in finding successful and authentic ways to navigate both their own personality and the complex terrain of their professional and personal relationships.

Our Approach

Our foundational approach to the Enneagram begins with the essence of what is good and right in all of us. As we dive into how the system works, and how to take emotional responsibility for ourselves, we begin by co-creating a psychological and emotionally safe container for people to explore themselves and their self-concepts. THP starts with the basic premise that there is nothing wrong with any of us. As people understand how personality formed, we see  - with compassion - why and how we can get derailed by strategies that once helped us to survive, but which may now actually keep us from thriving.

THP Intentions:

  • Supporting individuals in self and other-awareness;
  • Supporting individuals in confirming they are in the accurate territory for their personality type;
  • Empower individuals to gain more presence by increasing self-awareness of their own level of development;
  • Reinforce the fundamentals of the Enneagram as a human development tool by explaining the gifts and essential qualities, core beliefs, avoidance patterns, defense mechanisms, and patterns of reactivity associated with each type;
  • Develop compassion and appreciation for the unconscious ways personality challenges and/or potentiates work in relationships and troubleshoot existing challenges that accompany each personality type;
  • Practice proven strategies for managing reactions to stress and conflict; and
  • Instill a common language for self-and other-awareness.

Type Exploration Format

Our 3-hour Type Exploration sessions are designed to give one a basic understanding of the Enneagram system and their own personality. No prior background or Enneagram experience is required - just an open heart and mind.

To begin our work together, each participant is invited to personally assess their own Enneagram type and their corresponding Level of Development using the Enneagram resources provided.

THP uses the Narrative Tradition where each participant is the expert of themselves drawing on the wisdom and intelligence of their own lived experience. Together we explore the three centers of intelligence, and corresponding triads, illuminating the essence, basic fear, basic desire, and defense system for each type, landing - always - on the virtues that emerge when we are in right relationships with ourselves.

Coaching Format

Individual THP Coaching Packages  vary from one to many and are designed to meet each individual’s need. All THP Coaching programs will encompass the following meta-outcomes:
- Greater capacity to self-observe and self-regulate with self-compassion;
- Greater capacity to act on, integrate and sustain practices which support your presence and well-being using the Enneagram as a map of self-understanding

Next Steps

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