Nine Faces of Potential Experiential Offering for Individuals

    ​Nine Faces of Potential is an experiential self-guided course designed and curated by The Human Potentialists, a collective committed to democratizing the Enneagram for the greatest human good.

    Your self-development journey unfolds at your own pace through THP’s Learning Management System (LMS). Contained within the LMS are centering practices, teachings of all nine types, type panel videos, reflection prompts, poems, somatic practices, and much more to support your embodiment of the Enneagram as a tool for personal growth and transformation. Participants experience the depths of a new type as they move around the Enneagram, integrating the wisdom of what each type comes to teach us.

    There are three tiers of engagement for this course, which include the following:

    Choose your tier

    Tier 1

    Access to self-guided THP experiential LMS course, Nine Faces of Potential, which includes the following: 
    • Type panel video (approx 2 hours) 
    • Prompt, practice, or poem focused on working with mind, body, and heart

    Tier 2 

    Everything in Tier 1 plus the Type Exploration Package which includes the following:
    • 90 minute 1:1 type and instinct exploration conversation with THP practitioner
    • Type Summary and Resources
    • 1:1 recorded video conversations with transformational exemplars (LMS)

    Tier 3

    Everything in Tier 1 & 2 plus the Deeper Diver Package which includes the following:
    • 3 x Deeper Dive by Enneagram topic Sessions | Explore the edges of your highest potential (zoom)
      • Hosted by a THP Practitioner
      • 60 minutes
      • Small groups of approximately 6 ppl
    • Participants are connected to a we do the work together partner
    Who is this course for?: Individuals curious about self-development work, Enneagram, building better relationships with self and others. The curriculum is timeless and will meet you where you are on your personal growth work. 
    THP is a benefit corporation guiding people to their highest potential by connecting them to the core of our shared humanity. We are an intentional collective of passionate people offering self-awareness programs in service of all people - everywhere.

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